Simple Things to Check for Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair may often be accomplished by homeowners. There are a few important things to check before calling a professional garage door company. It is a wise action to take because some repairs are extremely simple and easy to handle on your own for example, a squeaky or loud garage door will be fixed by good cleaning and lubrication works. other repairing tasks such as, replacing the broken torsion spring or cable are extremely dangerous that need the help of professional garage door technicians from registered companies such as Ace Garage Door Repair for safety concerns.

Before proceeding to garage door repair tasks, make sure that you unplugged the garage door opener to disconnect the power supply so that you do not get an electric shock while performing garage door repair jobs. You will most likely be standing on a metal ladder which is a really bad situation to get an electric shock. If you are not conscious, you may fall off the ladder. Don’t forget to wear eye-protective glasses and gloves while working with the power tools. Here is a list of things to be checked before calling professional assistance:

  • Check the metal tracks to find out the damages:

It is the simplest and easiest situation that may fix very fast. Your garage door might not run smoothly because metal tracks may have dents or bumps. If you are facing such a problem, tap the damaged area of the track with the help of a hammer to straighten them.

  • Check the alignment of the tracks:

If the tracks are not aligned correctly, they may be causing the garage door not to function smoothly. There is no need to unscrew the tracks completely. You just need to loosen the screws and bolts and tap the tracks slightly to set them into their original position. Check the alignment using a level. Garage door track alignment will be done in no time.

  • Clean the dirty and clogged tracks:

Definitely, it is an obvious action because the hardened dirt and old lubricant may block the path of rollers and cause the garage door gets stuck. In this situation, garage door repair work may involve just cleaning the garage door tracks. You can use any regular household cleaner to wash the garage door properly. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

  • Lubricate the garage door components:

Merely lubricating the garage door components such as tracks and rollers can fix the malfunction in no time. You may use any high-quality lubricant or silicone spray for this purpose. It is suggested to lubricate the garage door parts right after cleaning them. Basically, all movable components will get benefits from lubrication.

  • Tightening the loose hardware:

Screws and blots tend to become loose with the passage of time. Make sure that all the moving parts including screws and blots within the mechanism are tightened properly. Sometimes, merely tightening the loose hardware may fix the malfunctioning garage door. If you are not able to tighten the screws because the holes become bigger, then use wood fillers or pieces of wood to fill the bigger holes.

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What works not to do?

If you have tried different solutions and none of them have worked, you may need to check the garage door springs. It is highly suggested not to do anything on the garage door if the problem seems to be the broken spring, especially if it is a torsion spring. There are numerous cases where people have been gotten injured or killed by broken springs. If you have any doubt about your skills, don’t attempt it. The professional garage door companies will save you from injuries.