Garage Door Repair – Things to Check before Calling a Technician

You have probably experienced some unusual scenarios with your overhead garage door. For example, you arrive home late at night, feeling sleepy and tired, ready to push the button of the remote. You turn your car into a drive-through and tries to press the remote and waiting for the garage door to open for you but nothing happens.

You press the button again but fail again and again. The garage door does not open or close. You have spare batteries in your stock. Replace the batteries of the remote and try again but could not get valuable results. Go to the home frustrated and worried about the parked car outside the house and malfunctioning garage door all night.
Since the garage door is a complicated mechanism. It is a heavy structure with a combination of complex parts such as springs, pulleys, and opener so don’t mess with it. It is always suggested that hire a professional and best garage door repair company in Cinncinat, Ohio to handle malfunctioning and broken garage door. Following are the important things to check before calling a garage door expert. Most simple problems can be fixed on your own but anything more complicated should be left to an experienced garage door technician.

Garage door won’t open or close: There are several common causes behind it which can easily be handled on your own. Some of the common reasons include:

  • Dead batteries: The batteries of your remote control may be dead which need to be replaced. First of all, change the batteries and try again. It is good to put the batteries in the correct way. Normally, it will solve the problems.
  •  Sensor’s eyes are not cleaned or aligned: There are two electronic safety sensors placed at each side of the garage door which create an invisible light on the path of a garage door. In cases, these sensors are not aligned with each other, it will affect the opening and closing operations of a garage door. To adjust the placement of the garage door, simply move it slightly up and down to its original place and then try to operate the garage door once again. You need the patience to get success.
  • The garage door opens but won’t close: There are two basic reasons behind these problems. You will need to pay proper attention to fix the issue. These causes include:
  • Any obstruction on the way of the garage door: If something obstructing the path of the garage door, it will open but won’t close. These safety measurements are used to prevent anyone from being crushed underneath the garage door. Make sure that you have not left anything under the garage door. And then try again.
  • Broken cables, pulleys, and springs: If you have checked and fixed all the above-mentioned things but still experiencing problems, it means that you have broken cables, springs, or pulleys. Don’t try to handle these things on your own; it will make things worse.


Since some garage door problems are beyond your capabilities, call professional garage door technicians immediately. They will be able to easily diagnose the problems and offer you the right solution. Reputed garage door companies offer free estimation, quotation, promotional packages, and even discount coupons. Ask about them when they visit your place. It will help you to save a lot of money.