Garage Door Problems and Solutions

Nowadays, garage doors have become a status symbol. The convenience of entering and leaving the home through an automatic garage door makes life comfortable. It is normally the first part of your building people take notice of when they visit your home. Well, these garage doors need regular maintenance in order to function smoothly for a longer period of time. There are some common problems that homeowners encounter with them. Click here to get more information about reliable, effective, and efficient services to fulfill your needs and demands within your budget. Following are the common garage door problems and their solutions:

Inspection and lubrication of garage door: 

One common garage door issue is the lack of lubrication. It causes malfunctioning of moving parts of the garage door, nosier operations, and eventually break out. If your garage door is acting differently, make sure that you have inspected the tracks, rollers, and mounting brackets before getting panic. It may just need to be cleaned and lubricated in order to work properly. Any good lubricant like, lithium spray or grease-based silicone can function wonders.

Before starting a lubrication process of moving parts of the garage door, you need to wipe out everything with the help of cotton cloth to make sure that they are cleaned properly. Then apply the lubricant on them and wait for few minutes to see if your garage door is not responding well to the movement. If garage door tracks and rollers look stuck, you should brush them to make them clear. If they look rusty and badly damaged, they should be replaced. You also need to take care of the garage door opener. If it is operated by chain or screwdriver, it may need lubrication.

Does it need adjustments?

Check the sides of the garage door to make sure that it is sealed properly. You may need to adjust the garage door in order to have the garage door working properly again. If you have a steel garage door, make sure that it is insulated properly. In the case of a wooden garage door, check the weather stripping at the bottom. Regular check-ups and touch-ups may be required so that your garage door does not get stuck again.

Frozen garage door:

During the winter season, a tine ice layer is created on the bottom of the garage door, causing a freezing garage door. It will prevent it from opening even if you push the remote repeatedly. It won’t work. Actually, hitting the button repeatedly can cause additional damages to the motor, springs, and garage door itself. The best solution is to apply heat to the bottom of the garage door using a heat gun or hairdryer. You can also use other de-icing items to break the icy connection. Alternatively, you may use a flat shovel to break the ice from underneath of garage door.

Blocked garage door sensors:

Blocked garage door sensors are often common problems. In this way, you need to clean the photo eye of the sensors. If your garage door is still facing a problem, you need to consult a professional garage door technician.