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Hi, everyone! I am a student from Milwaukee and I am in this site to know more about the organization and how these businesses and infrastructures affect our oceans and its living organisms. How does coastal development affect coral reefs? Can someone tell me about this? I want to be a volunteer. In fact, I am planning to join next year after my graduation. Thank you to those who will answer.

Hi Eunice! Thank you for showing your interest to volunteer in the organization. We are very happy to know that. As for your question, we all aware of the fact that plastics, styrofoam, and sunscreen are stressing our oceans. Most of all, these chemicals coming from the factories and the coastal development have a big impact in ruining our coral reefs. Due to the demand for tourism, beaches are developing hotels, resorts, airports, marinas, and golf courses. These can take its toll on the natural landscape and the organisms living under the sea. If you can search a little bit more about these, you will have a better understanding of all of these happenings. Scientist and some organizations are trying all their best to explain it to people for them to take action because if we don’t, our oceans will be forever ruined. Hope you learned even a little in my explanation and I hope that you will pursue being a volunteer in our organization.

Thank you so much, Liezel! I do appreciate your effort in explaining it to me.