Garage Door Repair

Things to Check for Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair jobs may often be done by unskilled persons. There are a few things that you should check yourself before calling professional garage door experts. Some garage door repair tasks are extremely easy to handle for example; a squeaky garage door will merely need a good cleaning and oiling. Other repairing tasks such as, replacing the torsion spring are extremely dangerous that need help from professional garage door experts such as, Winston-Salem garage door repair to handle your non-working garage door. Before starting the project, make sure that you have unplugged the garage door opener, so that you do not get an electric shock while working on your garage door. Also, wear all safety gear like eyeglasses and hand gloves while working with the power tools. Following mentioned is a list of things to check before calling professional garage door experts for your help: Check the metal tracks of the garage door: It is the easiest repair tip that may often solve the malfunctioning of a garage door. The tracks of the garage door often may have dents or bumps. If you find any issue, straighten the damaged area with help of a hammer and a block of wood. Check the alignment of the tracks: If the garage door tracks are not aligned, they may be causing the garage door not to move. You just need to lose the bolts and tap the tracks slightly to their position. Check the alignment using a level. This task will be done in no time. Clean the garage door hardware: Even though it may sound vital, the accumulated dirt and grease might cause the stuck movements of the garage door. In this situation, your repairing job is merely cleaning the hardware. You can use any mild cleaner to clean the rollers, tracks, and other components. Lubricate the garage door parts: Lubricating the garage door parts such as rollers, tracks, hinges, and springs can fix the issues. To lubricate the garage door, you may use any good quality silicone spray or lubricant. It can solve the issues in no time and garage door hardware will get benefit from oiling. Tightening the loose hardware: Garage door moving parts including screws and bolts tend to become loose over time. Sometimes, tightening them may solve the issues. If you are not able to tighten the screws, you may use a “wood filler” or a piece of normal wood to fill the holes. Note: If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions but none of them have solved the problems. Chances are there that you need to check the garage door springs. It is strongly suggested not to conduct this type of garage door repair especially if it is a torsion spring. There have been many cases, where people have gotten injured and killed by broken garage door springs. Therefore, if you have any confusion, hire professional garage door technicians to deal with your garage door.  

Find Garage Door Repair Services – Here’s How

Did you know the fact that a good number of residential buildings take place through broken garage doors? Often the reason, the faulty garage door has been fixed as soon as possible. Instead of waiting to face any unhappy incident from a faulty garage door, it is always advisable to get it fixed when it starts showing troubles. While you can conduct a DIY garage door project to fix minor issues, it is always recommended to seek professional assistance in order to get any problem fixed as soon as possible. But your major concern will be how to find a professional and skilled garage door repair technician. Here are great suggestions to help you with this problem. Look for the references: Have any of your family members, colleagues, or friend faced the same situation with their garage door? Don’t be shy to ask them about the contact details of the services they have hired. If they have received valuable services, then it is quite likely that you will be. Compile a list of reputed contractors and pick up the phone to call them: Once you have compiled a list of professional garage door services providers, start calling them one by one. Discuss your problems in detail and ask them how much they will charge you for their services. If possible, invite them to visit your place and have a look at your garage door before undergoing anything and deciding on the fees. Take necessary actions to avoid fraud: Don’t forget to check the credentials of garage door technicians. Make sure that they have proper training, qualification, and certification. Verify that the company has liability insurance to save the project before you have sealed the contract with it. It will ensure that anything will be covered in case of damages caused by workers. Ask the experts about their training and experience of working in the field and observe whether they agree to offer logical solutions to the troubles instead of resorting to jargon to make you confused. Be conscious: It is always good to hire a professional garage door technician who is not offering temporary solutions. They are not just trying to make some money but will earn your trust in the right way. Certified and qualified garage door technicians will normally advise you on ways to avoid the recurrence of similar problems in the future and suggest tips and techniques improve the functionality and performance of the garage door. Handle in a knowledgeable manner: It is good to conduct your own research to see if the cost they have quoted is reasonable. It is highly recommended that discuss your problems with several garage door companies in order to get a perfect idea about the fees that are normally charged. Although discovering a good and trustworthy garage door repair technician is not very hard if you do your homework properly and trust your findings.

Garage Door Care and Repair

In the garage door industry, it is very common that garage doors can be encountered by problems as most of the homeowners do not familiar with the garage door and opener maintenance process. It is a major responsibility of companies to deliver all the necessary information about the garage door, from garage door installation to the proper way to take care of it after installation. A garage door is the largest moving device of your home so it has to move well to enjoy its features. Proper maintenance and repair are necessary to ensure its smooth and safe working. Do you know how to maintain your garage door in a proper way? If your answer is NO, the professional New Jersey Garage Door Pros will be glad to help you. Step by step garage door care process Check the balance and motion of garage door If your garage door has an automatic garage door opener, disconnect it to operate the garage door manually. Raise and lower the garage door manually to make sure that it is easily operated by hand, no catches, not too heavy, or not snags. It should be kept in mind that if a garage door opener is not lifting the door properly, you cannot be able to operate the door comfortably by hand. If you find any catches and noises, you have to fix it quickly. If you feel too much weight of your garage door while operating it manually, it is suggested to call a professional to deal with the door immediately. A broken garage door spring may be a cause behind its rough opening. Adjusting or replacing the garage door springs on your own can be dangerous and can cause serious injuries and property damages, if not handled properly. Lubricating all the moving parts Apply some mild lubrication to all moving parts including rollers, hinges, pulleys, and springs. You can use a silicone-based lubricant spray or WD-40 spray for this purpose. It is very important to lubricate the springs as these springs get and release tension each time whenever you use the garage door. Proper maintenance and lubrication will prevent the springs from rust and dust and ensure that they will coil and uncoil completely. Garage door springs have a very limited lifespan as compared to other parts but lubrication can make them functional for the long run. After lubricating all the moving parts, you will notice that your garage door is running more smoothly and quietly. Maintaining the traveler rail Don’t pay much attention to this step, if you have mounted a side garage door opener. Modern garage door openers will have a long rail that is mounted from the motor to the wall of a garage door. This is the rail that the garage door opener uses to open and close the door. You will have to lubricate the rail to keep your garage door opener running smoothly and prevent it from early signs of aging. Hire a professional garage door expert for further assistance Proper garage door maintenance will improve the usable life of garage door and its opener but there are some factors that can be ignored by the unprofessional eye.  It is suggested to have your garage door serviced by an expert at least once a year. The expert technician will guide you about the problematic areas that need fixing on an urgent basis.