About Us

Thank you for taking your time to browse our website and for showing interest in us. Here, we will give you some important details about our organization and the plans that we have in store in order to make our oceans and its living organisms protected at all costs while not stepping on the economy’s growth.

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We are an organization which always wants the best for the interest of the people, nature especially the oceans and the various stakeholders. Our organization was founded 5 years ago with members and volunteers from various organizations and companies who are always striving to do their best to help Sea Plan in its mission and goals. After knowing that the oceans and its living organisms are being damaged and stressed in some of the water activities such as land development, coastal improvement, chemical release of factories and more, we’ve decided to take action to stop these wrongdoings. We are aware of how these commercial businesses and infrastructures affect our resources and how these things also make our economy grow. So to have a vibrant economy and healthy oceans, we’ve come up with some ideas to help both. We have multiple demands that could possibly work and we are pursuing these for the government and various stakeholders to implement. With your help, we know that we can all make it.

Sea Plan is now recognized for its scientific assessment and policy analysis in the country. We are proud to have this kind of recognition as we really striving to do our very best and hoping for a better Earth for the new generation. We are hoping for your support and action so that together we will succeed in these projects. We hope that you will gain a better understanding of our goal and vision for our Earth and Economy.